My parents were all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They grew up in the whole hippy era, and were defiantly the coolest parents ever! My dad loved to share my mom and I guess that would be why I am the way I am today. Spread the pussy and spread the love! When I was as growing up we would hang out at all these massive party places, where they would fuck literally all night long, and smoke pot all day long lol. They would listen to all the "hippy" music, some of the best rock and roll out there. I loved those days, and that's why I still like to live in those days.

I enjoy going out to concerts of all the rock greats! Of course I am usually the youngest there, which means I am obviously the most wanted to fuck. I mean seriously, who wants to fuck old lady pussy!! Guys want to fuck tight little young pussy like mine. that's why when I go to these concerts I always get in to the whole "free love" scene. We have these huge orgies! So much pleasure in one night! We go around from partner to partner, giving free love, having so much sex and so much fun. I love the pleasure of having sex with older men.

I think that if we all gave a little free love this world would be such a better place. I mean think about it. What if your wife allowed you to fuck whoever you wanted without there being any punishment! You could go to work fuck your receptionist while she takes calls at the same time. Have a kick ass day at work, because you got your load off in the begriming of the day. You get more done, are happier, and then you go to lunch, see some cute hottie with brunette hair. Hey, you always wanted to fuck a blonde, right? Fuck her in the alley way, eat your lunch, go home and fuck your wife or your wives sister, or mmmm even your wives best friend. Free love, that's what we need!

I am best at roleplays, In fact I like to consider myself the roleplay queen. I have such a vast imagination with so many fantasies and things I want to try. When I play them out I like to imagine you there with me, instead of on the phone, so I can imagine your cock in my pussy. Mmmm I love cock in my pussy, I love giving you myself, and giving you my pussy for both of our pleasure. When I imagine you with me I cum harder over the phone for you, better for me and better for you. Lets roleplay together. Talk to you soon.


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