Hi to all my phonesex daddies! WOW, it's so awesome I get the chance to talk to all you older guys. It turns me on so badly knowing that I am talking to some hot older man who loves that fact that I am barely legal. In fact I am so barely legal that just 32 days ago I would have been jail bait...mmmmm good for you I turned 18 and am ready for your dick, and all those naughty little secrets that keep you calling me over and over again.

I love all sorts of fantasies! One of my favorites is being that specific little brat that you want so badly but can't seem to get ahold of. Teasing you beyond control, and taking that control I have over you to a whole new level! Using it to get what I want, and what I think I need. I want clothes, I want my nails done, I want video games, I want those new cute shoes in the mall, I want your credit card, your house to hang out with all my girlfriends or have sleep overs with my girlfriends when my parents are gone.

CAN you believe it? A sleep over? Yep, a sleep over with all my little girl friends. That means pillow fights, girl secrets, playing with each other and showing each other our titties, comparing naked bodies...right in your basement! You love every minute of it. You watch all of us girls doing our girl things and it turns you on so badly! Because you have a cock, I can use it to my advantage. I may only be 18 and you may be much much much older than me, but because you have a cock, I can get you to do anything. I love making you my little monkey! How embarrassing is it to know that you have a crowd of younger girls in your basement and before you can even think about fucking us, any of us, you have to serve us first. MMMMM wow that is such a huge advantage for me.

The sheer fact that your cock is hard and your horny as hell, and wanting sex so bad that you would do anything for me to get it, makes you the weaker one. Come on baby, get that cock hard for me, rub it baby, I want you to precum all over the head of that dick and rub it in to your cock head, I know you want to stick that hard cock in this tight little young pussy, so what are you going to give me for it? Not only do I love being a tease but I love hearing your naughty secrets, you now those secrets! The ones that you can't hold back, the ones you love role playing when your on the phone with me. I want to hear about your daddy fantasies, incest fantasies, and all about that cute girl next door who drives you wild! I can be that cute girl for you, I can be anyone you want me to be...mmm so pick up that phone, because you know you want to talk to this hot piece of young teen ass, and if your a good boy you just might get it.


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