I'm a natural born dream weaver, you know, the type of girls you see and can only imagine in your dreams. I am a Italian girl born in Jersey, don't worry, I don't have that aweful Jersey accent! I am naturally dominate, I love pussy boys! I love fucking guys in the ass, shoving my huge dildo all the way down, balls deep. I also really like sissies and humiliation, along with anything that forces you to sit at my feet and gobble like a fucking bird.

Some people call me a brat, some people call me shy and withdrawn, but they are both wrong! I am just a out and out bitch. I don't put up with shit, I don't care about you. Your the type that stays up all day long, looking at porn, watching porn, looking at hot girls like me. Getting extremely turned on by watching pussy get fucked, and girls dildoing themselves. However, even though you enjoy all these things, you never get any yourself. Your what I like to call a loser...wait...pathetic loser! How sad that someone like you couldn't get fucked even if you paid someone to do it, and that's exactly why you are calling me, your dream girl. Don't worry, I won't bite....hard. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I will torture you, tease you, and then when you want to cum, I will deny you.

How hot would it be, me, in lingerie, or maybe some hot latex? I have you all tied up with your balls and cock out, and I am just beating the fuck out of you, teasing you. I enjoy being the dominate one, and I enjoy being a bitch. You will never want to call anyone else, ever again.


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