Looking for a girl who loves dick? Loves sex? And is still technically a teenager? Mmmm baby that's me. I just turned 19 and I love sex. I can't get enough of it! I went to a private Christian school where girls where suppose to be girls and boys where supposed to be upright young men. It just so happened that one of my teachers had a different idea for me. He was always looking at me, and I knew he was fantasizing about me. He would always go to the bathroom during class, and even though he said that it was cause he drank a lot of water, it was really because he was jacking off to me. He totally had a crush on me and I know he wanted to fuck me. I would go home after we were issued our new school uniforms for the year and I would cut the skirt shorter, and shrink my shirts so he could see more of me. I would also wear heels with my skirts to make my legs look super long. Before school I would get dressed and make sure that I was ultra sexy and wore no panties!

When I would go into class, he would always be frustrated of course, because he knew how badly he wanted me. He would pretend like I was in trouble and tell me that I needed to come sit in the front of class, so I would, and that's where I would tease him beyond repair. I would open my legs and spread my pussy lips so he could see inside. He would be trying to read or write something on the blackboard, but would be shaking because he was so turned on and so horny. I would turn him on so bad that he would be jacking off under his desk. Watching him squirm turned me on so badly, so one day I came in after school for some extra credit. I walked in and he was really surprised to see me. I pushed him on his desk and did a strip dance for him while he watched. Then I took all his clothes off and fucked his hard cock. I could feel his hard dick inside of me, getting harder and harder. It got so hard that I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me.

That was such a great day! I really enjoyed fucking my teacher, and giving him the fuck of his life. Little to say he never forgot me, and still to this day writes me to talk about our experience in the classroom.


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